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Are you a victim of a fire or burn injury due to negligence? Weston Law has experienced lawyers that take these cases very seriously.

Just like with slip, trip and fall accidents, fire and burn injuries usually happen because of some sort of negligence of the property owner.

Victims of fire and burn injuries usually are left with physical and psychological scars that leave them with expensive medical bills, pain and lost wages.

How Weston Law Minnesota Can Help with Fire & Burn Injuries

We are trusted and experienced personal injury attorneys with a proven track record of representing burn victims in the state of Minnesota.

Here are some reasons why you should use Weston Law:

  • We are a team player: We work together to strategize a winning solution.
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When should you be eligible for a fire and burn injury claim?

When another party based in Minnesota caused the burn injury because of their negligence.

This can be an employer that’s not following workplace safety regulations, but also an apartment landlord failing to follow fire safety laws.

When’s a landlord considered negligent?

Fire and burn injuries usually happen at home. Landlords generally have to follow special city, state and federal regulations to keep their tenants safe.

Regarding fire safety, some of these responsibilities include:

  • Keeping the fire escape clear without obstructions.
  • Keeping the escape route clear in shared areas of a building
  • Installing fireproof doors
  • Equip the property with fire extinguishers and smoke alarms
  • Ensuring the property’s electric wiring is safely installed and in good condition

Is my landlord following the law in Minnesota?

There are a lot of local and state laws in place to protect tenants from a variety of hazards, which also include those related to fires.

There are also federal laws in place for landlords to equip their properties with smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinkles and more. 

These are important, but not all landlords take these laws seriously.

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