Bloomington Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Bloomington Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

In Minnesota, liability in a pedestrian accident can be difficult to prove. Usually it involves extensive negotiations with insurance companies and lawsuits against negligent drivers.

Luckily, Weston Law has the resources to simplify this complicated process. Contact us today if you were the victim of a pedestrian accident, and we do what we can to get you the compensation that you deserve.

How can Weston Law help?

Our specialty is personal injury law, which also includes pedestrian accident law

If you were injured as a pedestrian, you need to follow a number of steps before you can collect compensation for your injuries. Below some of the steps we go through before compensation is in order.

  1. We start with the filing of a personal injury protection (PIP) insurance claim.
  2. After this, our attorneys can follow-up with a suit against the negligent driver for any remaining damages.
  3. To do this, we will work together with traffic accident and personal injury experts. Our experts will compile sufficient evidence so you have a strong personal injury claim. 

Compiling sufficient evidence can be done by reviewing traffic camera footage, recreating an accident scene, investigating the driving history of the negligent party and collecting witness statements.

Collecting Compensation

Minnesota is one of the thirteen States in the USA that require mandatory PIP insurance. This will cover the costs of your injuries in an automobile accident, regardless of who is at fault (since Minnesota is a no-fault state).

If the victim also owns a car (and for that reason has the mandatory PIP insurance), their injuries and lost wages will be covered – up to $20,0000, If the pedestrian that got hurt doesn’t have a car, the driver’s PIP insurance will cover all your expenses.

Different Compensations in a Pedestrian Accident Case

Compensation received thanks to the PIP insurance, might not be sufficient to cover all your expenses. Everything depends on the type of compensation you need to receive.

A lawsuit may be started to seek to recover compensation for:

Medical Expenses of Injuries: This can be present or future expenses related to the injury. Some of the medical expenses that can occur are ambulance fees, surgery and hospital bills. You can also be compensated for the physical pain and suffering that you are experiencing.

Current (and future) lost wages: If your injury is so severe that you can’t perform your work duties, you will receive compensation for this as well. Your compensation will be calculated based on the salary that you would’ve earned if the accident wouldn’t have taken place. 

Mental Problems: Severe accidents like this can cause serious mental problems, including stress, depression and anxiety. Therapy costs will also be covered here. This could also include payment to compensate for loss to engage in normal marital relationships, whether this is due to mental or physical distress.

Funeral Expenses: Should a pedestrian not survive the accident, then there will be funeral expenses. The surviving family can ask for compensation to cover these expenses.


Do pedestrians have the right of way in Minnesota?

Minnesota’s Pedestrian law mentions that motorists must stop to yield the right-of-way to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. But it also says that pedestrians shouldn’t enter a crosswalk if it’s impossible for a driver to stop.

Proving in court who acted according to the law might be challenging.

Is Minnesota a no-fault state?

Yes, Minnesota is a no-fault state. Because of this, pedestrians will not be able to immediately file suit against the party who caused a crash.

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