Train Accident Lawyers in Bloomington

Another service we offer is assistance with train accidents. Injuries occurred by train or railroad accidents are usually catastrophic and in some cases even fatal. People love to travel by train for exotic travel, but it’s necessary to understand the dangers. Trains are large and powerful, and injuries can be very severe.

It’s important to consult an experienced train accident lawyer when this happens. At Weston Law, our attorneys have extensive experience helping people obtain compensation and damages. We know how to evaluate these cases quickly.

When Can I Receive Compensation?

You can be entitled for compensation for many different reasons.

This can be because of negligence, such as an improperly functioning gate arm. Another reason could be that the train didn’t whistle a warning enough in advance.

In a lot of cases you can be compensated for the loss you suffered for funeral costs, lost income, medical bills or any other related expense related to the train accident.

There are many special cases that might be harder to recognize. This is why you need experienced help from a Minnesota train accident personal injury lawyer. Fortunately, Weston Law is here to help you.

Besides train accidents, Weston Law also offers assistance with car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents and snowmobile accidents.

What other type of experts are hired in a train accident lawsuit?

At Weston and Law we work together with experts in different fields to make sure you get the right compensation in every case. 

We hire expert accountants and financial analysts, just to be sure what you are entitled to. Many subway and train accident cases have associated losses such as loss of wages, cost of care and many other monetary costs. It’s important to take all the costs into account, including indirect costs or opportunity costs.

That’s why we use financial professionals to accurately assess what these costs are. Our goal is to derive a fair resolution for our injury victims. Please contact our Minnesota train accident lawyers if you got injured in a train accident.

Why Choose Weston Law Office for train accidents?

We are a personal injury law firm that will fight for you. We take care of any legal issues regarding your train accident. That way you can focus on recovering. We will be working to get you the compensation that you deserve.

Train accidents can happen for many receiving, but one thing is for sure, it can destroy lives. Most likely, the accident was not your fault and has a third party involved, such as an engineer or personnel maintaining the line.

Learn more about your rights and call our railroad accident personal injury lawyer at Weston Law for a free consultation.


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